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The POD System is here

Welcome to Fast Eddie's Vape Distribution, upon entering our site you will discover why we are the leaders in mechanical hardware. . .and now pod mods!

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This uniquely designed pod system shies away from Purge Mods' high-powered mechanical device, offering up an intelligently equipped and pocket-friendly vaping platform that serves as the ideal complementary daily carry for usually cloud-chucking vapers. Whether it be at work, in the car, or anywhere else, the potent delivery of the Purge Ally sends delicious satisfaction where it counts.
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Banana is here!!
Taffy Splash has a new flavor! Please don't wait to try this amazing new Banana Taffy!!
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New Product!
Retro Fit CARNAGE 1.5 RDA
Kicking it back old school with a twist on the popular Carnage RDA.......get these now before they gone forever!
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Purge Governor has arrived!

We couldn't be more excited to announce that the Purge Governor is here!!!

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Award Winning

Best New Product

The Purge Ally Pod System was awarded "Best New Product" at the Vape Shop Events (VSE) show in Oklahoma.  The hard work and dedicated has paid off!!

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