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Sledge Hammer (Drop Ship)

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If you are looking for a well rounded menthol with a hit that leaves a finish that won’t burn you like other menthol’s…you wanna feel the icy hit of the Sledge Hammer. You will feel the ice followed by a sweet spearmint that does not overbear the taste; but compliments the menthol giving you a much more satisfying vaping experience. After all, shouldn’t some things hit like a sledgehammer at times to get the job done?

60/40 blend – NOT recommended for drippers unless you want a true smash your face in menthol experience. Vaping in a tank will bring out the sweet spearmint and turn this flavor into your favorite adv.

(as of August 8th – no special requests can be fulfilled for pg/vg or additional flavoring. please continue to write your state senators and local government)

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Sledge Hammer (Drop Ship)