Strawberry Cheesecrack (Drop Ship)

by Lady Boss

**This has been renamed to Strawberry Cheesecrack, warning includes repeated use and cravings for this liquid, strong sense of fear and panic attacks when bottles gets below 10mls**
With Strawberry Cheesecake Premium e Juice we fly once a year to a private farm in the hills of California and handpick the best strawberries at the peak of perfection just as the sun has finished ripening them to their juicy sun kissed red color. The natural juices shine through on the inhale and the exhale and combine beautifully with our homemade cheesecake recipe and you will lick the natural sugar and cream off your lips in sweet satisfaction. We craft fully hand make our eliquid in small batches so we must delicately store our juicy sweet strawberries from the bountiful harvest for future taste pleasure. First we flash freeze the berries which guarantees perfect sweet taste preservation without drying them out, we then place them in oak barrels and store them in a deep freezer for future flavor extraction in Lady Boss Vapor Strawberry Cheesecake e liquid.

75/25 VG/PG